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New features:

'My Workplace' a new idea showing picures of our members studios/workplaces etc.

'The Artist Services Directory' which allows Galleries, Agents, Suppliers of Materials and Services, Shops, Clubs Et Al to set up a page and advertise entirely Free of Charge. We hope that it will prove useful. (Apologies for the dreadful Dali Vicar Graphic)

New articles have been commissioned on a variety of topics and current correspondents have already submitted the next installments on their on-going articles. Our plan is to regularly update the site to keep it interesting and fresh.

In this update we have the concluding part of the introduction to the Tribal Art feature. More interesting stuff you might not know about from Adam King is on the way.
We are absolutely delighted to be shortly presenting an article on Fresco Painting written by Lee Simone. There will be more on the art of carving old bones by Fraser when he recovers from a recent injury and were that not enough, the new featured artist works with a chainsaw!

We are constantly adding new products to the shop as we identify and reach agreement with suppliers and as a result the warehouse is filling up with all manner of wondrous things.

Deershed 2010 pARTicipation

Artists Ltd took their new pARTicipation wall to the Deershed Festival in North Yorkshire and a fantastic time was had by all.


This is a website focused on art and artists of every conceivable description. We wanted to have a website that would promote art in the U.K. and support U.K. based artists in as many ways as we could think of. This it transpired was a slightly more complex proposition than we had initially imagined because 'there is a lot of art about', and the greatest challenge has been how to fit it into just a website when there are entire websites dedicated to just trying to find a form of words that concisely define what art is. We favoured 'Any human creation which contains an idea other than its utilitarian purpose' right up to the point we discovered the painting elephants which convincingly negates it as a comprehensive definition.

So, having realised the enormity of the task we have come to the conclusion that the all-singing-all-dancing website we want will evolve from this, our initial offering.

Here's a list of what you can find on the site today:


School & Colleges

Teachers are invited to participate in the school art directory, a no cost, low maintenance method of promoting art in their school. Additionally, within the Directory of Artists on the site there is an option for artists to indicate that they are available for School Workshops so within the artists search facility you can search for artists in your area who are willing to make school more

Features and Articles

Articles by contributors from a diverse range of artistic backgrounds giving comprehensive artist related information on a vast range of techniques, materials, gendres, art history etc. We have signed up a number of contributors with diverse skills and experiences and look forward to constantly adding new articles and building a library of interesting and useful more

Directory of UK Artists

Search the comprehensive directory of UK based artists.
Free membership of the site enables artists of all persuasions to set up and maintain a personal gallery space with a biography and links.
So, if you are an artist then register, login and set up your entry in the directory.

Artist Services Directory

New feature just added provides a searchable directory of suppliers. It is free to advertise in the directory which we would like to build into a "find anything at all relating to art directory".

So if you are a supplier, agent, club, gallery - etc. etc. please take the time to put in an entry......take a look

Artists Forum

A meeting place to talk about anything art related, seek advice and guidance, comment on the site and the work on display, encourage other artists to buy shed loads of things from the online shop or just bang on about your pet project.
NOTE: Following an astounding mass posting of porn, viagra adds. and other assorted rubbish we have suspended the forum pending us finding some way of policing it.

Exhibition Calendar

Artists are invited to submit details of exhibitions and workshops where their work can be seen for inclusion in the Exhibition Calendar.

Initially, this will be in the form of a simple list but will grow into something much more sophisticated.....take a look

We are absolutely delighted to have been involved in the electronic publication of a super book by the internationally renowned artist Piers Browne.

Produced in collaboration with The Conservation Foundation and 'Tree Appeal', the electronic book is to be used as the basis for a National School Arts Project to be announced later this year.

The book has a forward by HRH Prince Charles, and an Introduction by Professor David Bellamy of the Conservation Foundation.

Please do take a look and admire ten years of Piers's masterful work.


A celebration of the wonderful art produced by forty two North Yorkshire schools.
All the work submitted for the exhibition will be previewed on this site from mid-August. The Exhibition opens on Saturday 29th August at Ripon Cathedral Library and Thorpe Prebend House and continues until Sunday 20th September.
Open from 10am to 4pm daily
Admission is free.

click here to search through the entries by school.

click here to see the award winners.
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